General Questions

What is the format of a presentation?

Most of the presentations are done in "poster" style. That is, you create a visual presentation of the components that comprise your research or design project – the background, the motivation, the methods, the results, a discussion and any conclusions or summary you might have. Your poster will be tacked on a poster board and you will be asked to explain your work to judges (both inside and outside your discipline) and other observers.

Who can attend CURC?

Anyone and everyone is invited to come to the events. We welcome you, your friends, and your family. We especially encourage your research advisor and family to come celebrate your accomplishments at the Awards Ceremony.

What categories will be judged at CURC?

All undergraduate research or design projects are appropriate for CURC.

What is necessary to participate in CURC?

You must be a current CSU undergraduate student who has done research or creative work either on or off campus. You must register and submit an abstract no later than 11:59 PM Tuesday, March 26, 2019.

Can research that was done off the CSU campus be considered for CURC?

Yes, as long as the student is a current undergraduate at CSU.

What is the format for the abstract?

To accommodate all disciplines, we do not have any hard requirements for the abstract. We encourage you to submit an abstract of an appropriate format and length for your discipline. Although there is no word limit we encourage you to use no more than 200 words. The abstract should be a concise summary of the presentation including key points. You may include figures or pictures as appropriate. All students are strongly encouraged to have their abstracts reviewed by a mentor in their home discipline.

When is the deadline?

Registration and submission of abstracts no later than 11:59 PM Tuesday, March 26, 2019.

How do I register?

Registration must be done online at the CURC website.

Who will judge CURC?

Each poster will be evaluated by up to three judges who are CSU faculty, staff or graduate students. Visiting faculty and industry experts are also invited to judge.

Do I have to be present the whole time during the CURC?

No, but if you have a time conflict, we request that you let us know when you will be by your poster. Judges often prefer to judge your poster with you there rather than when you are not. Also, all instructors will be alerted to this event. It is an official CSU event from which you can be excused from class.

What can you tell me about the CURC Awards Ceremony?

An Awards Ceremony will take place on Thursday, April 25, 5:00-7:00 pm in the LSC Ballroom (A and B). The Awards Ceremony will honor those students receiving highest or high honors for their poster presentations. We will notify awardees at least 24 hours prior to the awards ceremony. We encourage you to invite your mentors, friends and family to the awards ceremony.

Research Posters

Where and when is the CURC Showcase poster session?

The CURC Showcase poster session will be held on Monday, April 15, from 10:30 a.m. — 1:30 in the Lory Student Center Ballroom on the CSU campus.

May I present more than one poster?

YES! If you have been a part of more than one project, you may present the results from as many projects as you have worked on.

How large can my poster be?

We will have a 3'x4' or 4'x3x space available for your poster. If your poster is larger than 3 feet x 4 feet or 4 feet x 3 feet, you will have trouble finding space to mount it.

How will posters be displayed?

All posters will be attached to poster boards that are 4 feet high. Push-pins will be provided to mount your poster. The University offers large format printing in the Weber computer lab.

What criteria is used to judge my poster?

Download the Poster Grading Criteria.

When can I set up my poster?

You may not set up your poster until the actual day of the event (MONDAY, APRIL 15, BEFORE 10:30AM). If you are unable to do so during this time, please make arrangements for someone to set up your poster for you. (In the past we have allowed students to set up posters the night before the event. Unfortunately, our venue will not accommodate that option this year.)

When do I need to take my poster down?

Your poster needs to be taken down on the actual day of the event (MONDAY, APRIL 15, BETWEEN 1:30 and 3:30 p.m.). If you are unable to do so during this time, please make arrangements for someone to take your poster down for you. If your poster is not taken down following the event, we will take your poster down and store it for up to two weeks.

What is appropriate attire for presenting the poster?

Attire is really up to you. However, you will probably want to wear something that boosts your self-confidence, that is professional looking, yet comfortable.

Oral Presentations

I want to participate in both the poster competition and the oral presentation exhibition. Can I enter the same abstract in both categories?

Yes, the abstract you enter can be the same.

How long can my oral presentation be?

Individual student presentations must not exceed ten minutes and group presentations must not exceed 20 minutes, excluding questions.

I have prepared a PowerPoint for my oral presentation. Do I need to bring my laptop?

No, a laptop (PC) will be available for your use.

When and where will the oral presentations take place?

Oral presentations will be scheduled between 10am and 2pm on Monday, April 15 in the LSC. A schedule will be available shortly after the presenters are announced.

I have class during the time my oral presentation is scheduled. Is it possible to reschedule?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reschedule oral presentations. Should your scheduled presentation overlap with a course, we recommend that you discuss the situation with your course instructor beforehand. If you need or would like assistance with this, please contact at Dr. Melissa Edwards