2012 Awards

The premier event for undergraduate research and creativity at Colorado State, the CURC Showcase was held on Tuesday, April 17 at the Lory Student Center. Judged by CSU faculty and staff, the CURC required that students present a professional poster session on their project.

Students receiving honors were recognized at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday April 19.

2012 CURC Showcase Winners

Research Posters

Writing Entries

Research Posters

Highest Honors

Sonyamarie Hueftle
Soil and Crop Sciences
Molecular Markers Linked to Quantitative Trait Loci for Resistance to Fusarium Wilt in Common Bean (Patrick Byrne, Faculty Mentor)

Lydia Brown
Interior Design
Creating the Fabric of Place: Designing the Huron Street Public Library (Katharine Leigh, Faculty Mentor)

Heidi Spears
Chemical Engineering
Interfacing Microfluidic Devices with IR Spectroscopy (Amber Krummel, Faculty Mentor)

Sarah Millonig
Hogback Surfers: A Synchronic Test of Transhumance Mobility Patterns at the Fossil Creek Site in Northern Colorado (Jason LaBelle, Faculty Mentor)

Rachael Jorgensen
Floral Longevity in Collinsia heterophylla in Varied Pollination Schedule and Soil Water Levels (Arathi Seshadri, Faculty Mentor)

Elizabeth Moses
Creating and Maintaining a Tumor Biorepository, and the use of Canine Cancer as a Model for Human Cancer (Susan Lana, Faculty Mentor)

Carter Mohnssen
Biomedical Science
Instructional Videos and Quizzes on the Bony Landmarks of the Human Body Developed for the Colorado State University Gross Anatomy Courses (Tod Clapp, Faculty Mentor)

Keifer Walsh
Ursolic acid inhibits the formation of ADF/cofilin-actin rods associated with oxidative stress and inflammation (James Bamburg, Faculty Mentor)

High Honors

Mikaela Cherry
Watershed Science
Changes in the amount and days with snowfall across the northern Great Plains of the United States (Steven Fassnacht, Faculty Mentor)

Katie Lawrence
Mechanical Engineering
Metabolic Engineering of Cathranthus Roseus Hairy Root for the Production of Anti-Cancer Drugs (Christie Peebles, Faculty Mentor)

Katherine Carroll
GIS/Remote Sensing Analyses of Urbanization in Fort Collins (Steve Leisz, Faculty Mentor)

Mackenzie Whitesell
Environmental Health
A Review of Familial, Social, and Individual Factors Contributing to Adolescent Substance Use (Annette Bachand and Jennifer Peel, Faculty Mentors)

Katlin Hornig
Animal Science
Evaluation of Point of Care Glucose and Beta-hydroxybutyrate Meters for use in Sheep (Stacey Byers, Faculty Mentor)

Daniel Banks
Investigating the Influence of Artificially Extended Photoperiod on Seasonal Variation in the Maximum Rate of Rubisco-Mediated Carboxylation (William Bauerle, Faculty Mentor)

Patricia Spence
Interior Design
The Kittredge Building (Katharine Leigh, Faculty Mentor)

Sarah Ehrlicher
Food Science and Human Nutrition
Measuring the Rate of Mitochondrial Protein Synthesis in Skeletal Muscle Cells (Benjamin Miller and Karyn Hamilton, Faculty Mentors)

Caitlin Bauer
Interior Design
Successful Studio Environments (Amy Huber, Faculty Mentor)

Anthony Navarro
Computer Engineering
LARVA (Sudeep Pasrisha, Faculty Mentor)

Lucas Wadman
Electrical Engineering
Implementation of Various Techniques to Enhance Neuronal Cell Function on Polymer Surfaces (Ketul Popat, Faculty Mentor)

Josalyn Warfield
Die Judenbuche: Illustrating the Past for the Present (Jolyon Hughes, Faculty Mentor)

Garrett Wheeler
CZTS and FeS2 Core/Shell Particles (Amy Prieto, Faculty Mentor)

Carl Dernell
Generation and Purification of Recombinant CaM Kinase Proteins (Jennifer Nyborg, Faculty Mentor)

Jacob Rock-Martinez
Micro Tornadoes: Diffusion, Convection and Reaction Dynamics in the Formation of Atmospheric Aerosols (Patrick Shipman, Faculty Mentor)

Scott Witzeling
The Effects of a Water-soluble Nitric Oxide Releasing Polymer on Breast Cancer Cells (Melissa Reynolds, Faculty Mentor)

Vincent Ybarra
Testing the Effect of Mind Wandering on Comprehension in Various Academic Settings (Matthew Rhodes, Faculty Mentor)

Zachary Horwitz
fMRI Investigation of the Neural Systems Associated with Category and Item Working Memory (Carol Seger, Faculty Mentor)

Kristin Olsson
A New Reverse Micelle System as a Model of Biological Membranes (Nancy Levinger, Faculty Mentor)

Irene Lui
Technologies for Targeted Therapeutic Delivery (Brian McNaughton, Faculty Mentor)

William Richardson
Temperature Dependance of Titania's Photocatalytic Properties (Ellen Fisher, Faculty Mentor)

Justin Mower
Biomedical Science
Coating Ovine Bone with Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Using the Polysaccharides Heparin and Chitosan (Matt Kipper, Faculty Mentor)

Ying Yang
Biomedical Science
Membrane Stretch-Induced Activation of TRPM4 in Cerebral Artery Smooth Muscle Cells (Scott Earley, Faculty Mentor)

Nathan Zvejnieks
Biomedical Science
The Development of NO Releasing Polymer Coatings and Their Effects on the VASP Protein Pathway (Melissa Reynolds, Faculty Mentor)

Honors by College


Maria Sekyi
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Cytotoxicity of Nanoparticles to Ovine Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) (Matthew Kipper, Faculty Mentor)

Liberal Arts

Christopher Mueller
Rangefinder: An Economic Analysis of the Best Shot to Win Basketball Games in the NBA (Nancy Jianakoplos, Faculty Mentor)

Shane Moore
Influence of Altitude on NBA Performance (Nancy Jianakoplos, Faculty Mentor)

Sean Babbs
How a Pagan Shaped Christian Europe (Judy Gaughan, Faculty Mentor)

Natural Resources

Lauren Heck
Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Human and Wildlife Activity Patterns Along the Front Range (Kevin Crooks, Faculty Mentor)

Natural Sciences

Ashanti Robinson
Cloning of FKBP12, an Inhibitor of mTOR-regulated Protein Synthesis, and its Expression in Crustacean Skeletal Muscle (Donald Mykles, Faculty Mentor)

Flip Senn
Molecular Profiling of Host and Viral Gene Expression during HIV-infection in a Humanized Mouse Model (Ramesh Akkina, Faculty Mentor)

Robin Ward
A Service-Learning Approach to Biofuels (Debbie Crans, Faculty Mentor)

Satoshi Machihara
Intracellular Expression of an RNA Aptamer Targeting an HIV-1 Precursor Protease (Chaoping Chen, Faculty Mentor)

Aiden Montgomery
Widespread Benefits of Retrieval Practice (Edward DeLosh and Christopher Rowland, Faculty Mentors)

JiHye Chun
Topochemistry of Starch Iodine Diffusion Reaction System (Stephen Thompson, Faculty Mentor)

Jessica Ims
The Effects of Nesting Stage and Temperature on the Time of First Activity in Orange-crowned Warblers (Helen Sofaer and Cameron Ghalambor, Faculty Mentors)

Molly McCullough
Undermining Effects (Carol Seger, Faculty Mentor)

Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Kellie Woll
Biomedical Science
Development of Mixed Surfactant Formulations for Strategic Cancer Treatment (Debbie Crans, Faculty Mentor)

Lauren Kinner
Association of Distinct PECAM-1 Alleles and Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (Alan Schenkel, Faculty Mentor)

Kyle Troksa
Biomedical Science
Spontaneous Mutation and Spontaneous Recombination Rates of Rev3, Pol32, Rad30, and Rad Mutants in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Jac Nickoloff, Faculty Mentor)

Kyle Martin
Biomedical Science
Molecular Characterization of the Nap1-Histone Complex (Karolin Luger, Faculty Mentor)

Melissa Miller
Biomedical Science
The Use of Non-Prescribed Adderall and Ritalin in a College Setting (Tod Clapp, Faculty Mentors)

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Writing Entries

Highest Honors

Sarah Kay Hurst
Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Post-colonial Legacies of Linguistic Imperialism

High Honors

Phillip Labonte
Political Science
Operation MENU: Fighting Paranoia with Explosive Ordnance

Elisa Sagehorn
Agricultural Education
Feasability Study for STEM Standards

William Maher
Hand of my Angel

Jeff Geiger
Journalism and Technical Communication

Bradford Lardner
The Internal and External Conflicts of Malvolio and England

Curt Schwader

Julia Mallon
Nutrition and Food Science
Edziban naa! Dzi dzi (It is food, eat it!)

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