2011 Awards

Kapila Pothu at the 2011 Showcase

Highest Honors winner Kapila Pothu at the 2011 Showcase.

The premier event for undergraduate research and creativity at Colorado State, the CURC Showcase was held on Tuesday, April 19 at the Lory Student Center. Judged by CSU faculty and staff, the CURC required that students present a professional poster session on their project.

Students receiving honors were recognized at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday April 21.

2011 CURC Showcase Winners

Highest Honors

Brett Solonycze
Health and Exercise Science
Current Standard of Care Pharmaceuticals for Acute Mountain Sickness does not Increase Physical Activity (Dr. Hamilton, Faculty Mentor)

Lindsey Ellgen
American Samoa: Tsunami Vulnerability and Village Relocation (Dr. Sibold, Faculty Mentor)

Andreea Erciulescu
Geometric objects with a more combinatorial flavor (Dr. Betten, Faculty Mentor)

Ashanti Robinson
Cloning and Expression Analysis of Crustacean FKBP12 in Blackback Land Crab (G. lateralis) and Green Crab (C. maenas) (Dr. Mykles, Faculty Mentor)

Shelley Sianta
Possible Borders of Diverging Lineages in Wild Tomato Species, Solanum habrochaites (Dr. Bedinger, Faculty Mentor)

Katriana Popichak
Blockade of Nuclear Factor Kappa B prevents MPTP-Induced Expression of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase in Primary Astrocytes (Dr. Tjalkens, Faculty Mentor)

Kapila Pothu
Mechanism of Calcium Triggered Membrane Fusion (Dr. Reist, Faculty Mentor)

Kellie Woll
Biomedical Science
Co-Administration of Anticancer Drugs: Bisphosphonates and Taxol (Dr. Crans, Faculty Mentor)

Katie Fialko
Natural Resources Management
Tracking Trophic Interactions in Blue Mesa Reservoir, Colorado Across A Large Temporal Scale (Dr. Johnson, Faculty Mentor)

High Honors

Claire Willis and Eli Schuchardt
Biomedical Science and Chemical and Biological Engineering
Enzyme Kinetics of Alkaline Phosphatase Encapsulated in Reverse Micelles (Dr. Crans, Faculty Mentor)

Sasha Mintz
Biomedical Science
Composition and Characterization of Drug Formulation for Bone Malignancy (Dr. Crans, Faculty Mentor)

Ryan Spangler
Synthesis of Organic Binder for Copper Dye to be used in Dye-Synthesized Solar Cells (Dr. Elliott, Faculty Mentor)

Josephine Cunningham
Detection of Metals using Paper Based Microfluidic uPads (Dr. Henry, Faculty Mentor)

Brittany Barrett
Understanding the role of nitric oxide in the enhanced biocompatibility of materials (Dr. Reynolds, Faculty Mentor)

Jacob McMahon
Incorporating America: The Insular Cases and Notions of Union (Dr. Gudmestad, Faculty Mentor)

Maria Sekyi
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Growth of Mesenchymal Stem Cell as a Function of Different Medias (Dr. Kipper, Faculty Mentor)

Andrew Kustas and Tyler Cote
Mechanical Engineering and Chemical and Biological Engineering
High Efficiency Thermoelectric Coolers for use in Firefighting Applications(Dr. Williams, Faculty Mentor)

Craig Everson and JuliAnne Canterbury
Construction Management
Sustainable Design & Construction (Dr. Ozbek, Faculty Mentor)

Honors by College

Agricultural Sciences

Katlin Hornig
Animal Science
A study of Ghrelin and Blood Gases in Nutrient Restricted Fetuses Near Term: Phase 1 (Dr. Han, Faculty Mentor)

Applied Human Sciences

Emily Frost
Interior Design
Euphoria: A captivating cuisine (Dr. Leigh, Faculty Mentor)

Kayla Lieblick
Interior Design
The Mathews House: Building a Foundation for our Youth (Dr. Leigh, Faculty Mentor)


Tyler Cote
Chemical Engineering
High Density Plasma Simulator for Applications in High Energy Plasma Physics and Plasma Processing (Dr. Williams, Faculty Mentor)

Diana Peterson
Electrical Engineering
Nanometer Resolution Full Field Microscopy (Dr. Menoni, Faculty Mentor)

Liberal Arts

Andrea Akers
Anthropology Lakota Business Women: the anti-systemic link between the formal, informal and household world economy (Dr. Sherman, Faculty Mentor)

Matthew Heelan
NHL Home-Ice Advantage (Dr. Jianakoplos, Faculty Mentor)

Emily Milligan
b2 Subunit of the L-Type Calcium Channel Determines Heart Size by Regulating Proliferation (Dr. Garrity, Faculty Mentor)

Sarah Millonig
Take the Highway Through the Great Divide: Mobility Patterns & Land Use Strategies of the James Allen Complex in Colorado’s High Country (Dr. LaBelle, Faculty Mentor)

Natural Resources

Adam Miller
Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Pollination by native and non-native bees in large-scale forest restoration in Hawaii (Dr. Pejchar, Faculty Mentor)

Natural Sciences

Terese Casey
Transformational Leadership: Keeping Construction Workers Motivated and Knowledgeable About Safety (Dr. Chen, Faculty Mentor)

Robert Cope Physics
Cosmic Ray Anisotropies around Centaurus A (Dr. Mostafa, Faculty Mentor)

Nathaniel Groshan
Invertebrate Species Associated with the Plains Pocket Gopher (Geomys bursarius) in Central Wisconsin (Dr. Eshelman, Faculty Mentor)

Elizabeth Harrison
The Testing Effect for Categorized Lists: Improving Recall of Classroom-Relevant Material (Dr. Delosh, Faculty Mentor)

Anna Macquarie
An Exploration of Topological Surfaces (Dr. Achter, Faculty Mentor)

Elizabeth Moses
Measurement of Minimal Residual Disease Using Real Time PCR in Canine Lymphoma (Dr. Lana, Faculty Mentor)

Sam Mudd and Rachael Jordensen
Hot and Dry: Tradeoffs in Floral Traits in Response to Temperature and Water Stress (Dr. Seshadri, Faculty Mentor)

Jennifer Ross and Colleen Lanza
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Hydrophobicity as a Determinant Function for Attachment of Corynebacterium Pseudotuberculosis (Cptb) (Dr. Basaraba, Faculty Mentor)

Gabriel Tait
Spectral Analysis of Ultrasonic Frequencies (Dr. Leisure, Faculty Mentor)

Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Chris Counts
Biomedical Science
Amino acid covariance analysis: a novel approach to understanding the mechanism of HIV-1 protease autoprocessing (Dr. Chen, Faculty Mentor)

Lauren Kinner
Association of platelet endothelial cell adhesion molecule (PECAM-1/CD31) and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (Dr. Schenkel, Faculty Mentor)

Ryan Knodle
Molecular cloning, expression and purification of a fusion protein of ESAT-6 and MTB10.4 to design a subunit vaccine against tuberculosis (Dr. Grover, Faculty Mentor)

Kaitlyn McNamara
Biomedical Science
Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Improve Massive Bone Allograft and Autograft Incorporation in Critical Sized Bone Defects (Dr. Ehrhart, Faculty Mentor)

Amy Nees
Environmental Health
Prevalence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome among Dairy Workers (Dr. Rosecrance, Faculty Mentor)

Melanie Schow
Biomedical Science
A Secondary Period of Angiogenesis During Development of the Paraventricular Nucleus of the Hypothalamus (Dr. Tobet, Faculty Mentor)