2010 Awards

Drew Neavin at the 2010 Showcase

Highest Honors winner and Goldwater Scholar Drew Neavin at the 2010 Showcase.

The premier event for undergraduate research and creativity at Colorado State, the CURC Showcase was held on Tuesday, April 20 at the Lory Student Center. Judged by CSU faculty and staff, the CURC required that students present a professional poster session on their project.

Students receiving honors were recognized at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday April 22.

2010 CURC Showcase Winners

Highest Honors

Courtney Amerin
Locating the Radiation Induced RET/CCDC6 Gene Fusion Event Related to Papillary Thyroid Carcinomas. (Dr. Ray, Faculty Mentor)

Drew Neavin
The Effect tbx5 on Zebrafish Heart Morphology (Dr. Garrity, Faculty Mentor)

Brendan Young
Fundamental studies probing pH near lipid interface models (Dr .Crans, Faculty Mentor)

Bejan Saeedi
Development of an Assay to Analyze the Activity of Flavivirus NS5 Guanylytransferase (Dr. Geiss, Faculty Mentor)

Katriana Popichak
Blockade of Nuclear Factor Kappa B Prevents MPTP-Induced Expression of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase in Primary Astrocytes (Dr. Tjalkens, Faculty Mentor)

High Honors

Nicole Michael
Investigating the role of zeta-crystallin in the stability of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase mRNA using siRNA (Dr. Curthoys, Faculty Mentor)

Adam Almeida
Spn1, a highly conserved specific transcription factor with a link to aging in Saccharyomyces cerevisiae (Dr. Stargell, Faculty Mentor)

Bonita Nuanez
Regulation of MCT 1 in Rat Brain Endothelial Cells (Dr. Smith, Faculty Mentor)

Genevieve Forster
Quantification of the differential effects of rice bran varieties on immune response modulation in vitro. (Dr. Dow, Faculty Mentor)

Anna Jones
Improved physical function after lower limb surgical nerve decompression a case study (Dr. Tracy, Faculty Mentor)

Michelina Petri
The Effects of Hydrophobicity on Prion Formation (Dr. Ross, Faculty Mentor)

Honors by College

Agricultural Sciences

Kathleen Brandes
Validation of an alternative method to quantify cell counts in suspension using the ß-actin gene sequence in a quantitative PCR assay (Dr. Goehring, Faculty Mentor)

Applied Human Sciences

Cameron Carter
Biomechanics and Energetics of walking uphill: A better form of exercise for obese adults? (Dr. Browning, Faculty Mentor)

Sarah Schaeffer
Caregiver Depression and Burnout: The Impact of Respite Use in Larimer County (Dr. Fruhauf, Faculty Mentor)


Stephanie Jebsen
Developing an in-vitro beating heart work-bench (Dr. Dasi, Faculty Mentor)

Liberal Arts

Andrea Akers
American Indian Watch Fobs (Dr. Sherman, Faculty Mentor)

Travis Hill
Paleoindian Site Structure at American Flats (5PA158): A High Altitude Camp in Colorado s Mosquito Range (Dr. LaBelle, Faculty Mentor)

Natural Resources

Adam Miller
Do Male Passerines Adjust Feeding Rates in Response to Female Behavior? (Dr. Sofaer, Faculty Mentor)

Natural Sciences

Mary Dean
Molecular diagnostics for algae production systems (Dr. Chisholm, Faculty Mentor)

Kayla Duperreault
The Influence of Long-Term Representations on Refreshing Information in Working Memory (Dr. McCabe, Faculty Mentor)

Alicia Guardado
Effects of Post-Translational Modifications to Pit-1 on Ras-activated expression of the Prolactin promoter (Dr. Duval, Faculty Mentor)

Carolyn Lucchesi
Using the Remember/Know paradigm to investigate the retrieval hypothesis of the testing effect (Dr. DeLosh, Faculty Mentor)

Rachel Meier
Comparison of Models of the Madden-Julian Oscillation in the Tropics (Dr. Wayne, Faculty Mentor)

Cassandra Phillips
Does your brain know the answer before you do? (Dr. Cleary, Faculty Mentor)

Kristine Walters
In Vitro Effects of N-acetylcysteine Analogs Against Canine Hemangiosarcoma (Dr. Thamm, Faculty Mentor)

Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Ryan Autenrieth
Reported Health Symptoms and Socioeconomic Status among Nicaraguan Women using Traditional Biomass Indoor Cook Stoves Compared to Ventilated Improved (Dr. Peel, Faculty Mentor)

Madeline Breer
How the Hec1 Protein Affects Kinetochore Oscillations in Mitosis (Dr. DeLuca, Faculty Mentor)

Dawn Clagett
Modifying Rat Sperm Membranes and Cryoprotectants Added to Enhance Cryopreservation (Dr. Graham, Faculty Mentor)

Hannah Reed
Spatial and non-spatial analyses to describe predictors of stove adoption (Dr. Peel, Faculty Mentor)

Douglas Robinson
Assessing the Effectiveness of a Cook Stove Intervention by Evaluating Changes in Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation among Nicaraguan Women (Dr. Peel, Faculty Mentor)