2009 Awards

Presenting research at the 2009 Showcase

Presenting research during judging at the 2009 Showcase.

The premier event for undergraduate research and creativity at Colorado State, the CURC Showcase was held on Tuesday, April 21 at the Lory Student Center. Judged by CSU faculty and staff, the URPS required that students present a professional poster session on their project.

Students receiving honors were recognized at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday April 23.

2009 CURC Showcase Winners

Highest Honors

Cassandra Helms, Zachary Hoekstra, & John Herndon
Programming Robots Piece by Piece: Implementing a Modular Robot Architecture (Dr. Elaine Regelson, Faculty Mentor)

Matt Kortus
Role of Hydrophobic Residues in Putative RNA Template Channel of Poliovirus Polymerase (Dr. Olve Peersen, Faculty Mentor)

Emily Woods
Quantification of Aesthetic Viewing Using Eye-Tracking Technology: The Influence of Informative Training (Dr. Juyeon Park, Faculty Mentor)

Christopher Johnson
The Role of the CUGBP1 RNA-binding Protein in the Stress Response In Muscle and Myotonic Dystrophy (Dr. Carol Wilusz, Faculty Mentor)

Daniel Nelson
Optimization of a Developed Microfluidic Device for the Analytical Separation of Carbohydrates (Dr. Charles Henry, Faculty Mentor)

Adam Phillips
Does Flotillin play a role in lipid raft organization of the GnRH receptor and its ability to transducer an intracellular signal? (Dr. Colin Clay, Faculty Mentor)

High Honors

Miles Lovato & Joanna Kaman
Sex Appeal in the Music Industry: An Economic Perspective (Dr. Ronnie Phillips, Faculty Mentor)

Ran Tao & Noah Dietrich
Progress towards the Total Synthesis of Welwitindolinone C Isothiocyanate and the Phomoidrides (Dr. John Wood, Faculty Mentor)

Katriana Popichak
Targeting Neuroinflammation with a Novel Class of Natural Product-Derived Chemotherapeutics (Dr. Ronald Tjalkens, Faculty Mentor)

Jennifer Sneden
Role of CXCR7 Gene in Zebrafish Hematopoiesis (Dr. Deborah Garrity, Faculty Mentor)

Bethany Munana
Examining the Role of Protein Phosphotases on Kientochore Protein Hec1 (Dr. Keith Deluca, Faculty Mentor)

Samantha Johansen
Perceived School Multiculturalism, Civic Engagement and Youth Outcomes (Dr. Thao Le, Faculty Mentor)

Mitchell Knaub
Novel Magnetic Nano Films for Millimeter Wave Applications (Dr. Mingzhong Wu, Faculty Mentor)

Kevin Horrell
Analyzing Biomass Burning Particle Composition With Infrared Spectroscopy (Dr. Laura Iraci, Faculty Mentor)

Honors by College

Agricultural Sciences

David Favero
Identification of molecular markers associated with Fusarium wilt resistance in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) (Dr. Mark Brick, Faculty Mentor)

Applied Human Sciences

Lauren Vogel, Jennifer Little
Changes in Agitation, Burden, and Depression of Family Caregivers who Use Respite Care (Dr. Christine Fruhauf, Faculty Mentor)


Kathleen McGuire
Males vs. Females: How Character Traits Affect Financial Literacy (Dr. Vickie Bajtelsmit, Faculty Mentor)


Sean McGrath
Estrogen antagonizes the pro-inflammatory effects of manganese on expression of nitric oxide synthase 2 (NOS2) in astrocytes (Dr. Ron Tjalkens, Faculty Mentor)

Liberal Arts

Samantha Brosch
Shifting ideals and struggles with notions of modernity: A look at Barbados Planter class from the 1600's through the 1700's (Dr. Frederick Knight, Faculty Mentor)

Natural Resources

Micah Davis
The green machine is a smoke screen: Assessing students opinions of the "Green Univeristy" image (Dr. Jessica Thompson, Faculty Mentor)

Natural Sciences

Kristina Annis
Development and validation of a real-time pcr assay for the detection of pathogenic leptospires in canine urine (Dr. Katharine Lunn, Faculty Mentor)

Nichelle Barbari
Genistein Protects Cardiac Myocytes Against Lipotoxicity: PPAR-alpha and SREBP-2 Expression (Dr. Karyn Hamilton, Faculty Mentor)

Betsy Buechler
The Role of the Human Translationally Controlled Tumor Protein (TCTP) in Mitosis (Dr. Jennifer Deluca, Faculty Mentor)

Kristin Fuller
Parenting Styles as a Function of Ethnicity: An Examination of Pre-Intervention Data (Dr. Kimberly Henry, Faculty Mentor)

Alexandra Knapp
The Relationship between Cognitive Inhibition and Extraversion/Introversion (Dr. Deana Davalos, Faculty Mentor)

Ruth Miskimins
The role of item meaningfulness in the testing effect: How much does meaning matter? (Dr. Edward DeLosh, Faculty Mentor)

Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Kyle Carter
Lean to the Left, Lean to the Right: Underlying Cause of Low Back Pain? (Dr. Raoul Reiser, Faculty Mentor)

Leslie Marchand
Lung Function among Nicaraguan Women using Traditional Biomass Indoor Cook Stoves (Dr. Jennifer Peel, Faculty Mentor)

Natalia Reim
The Role of the Nuclear Exosome as a Monitor of mRNA Processing in Mammalian Cells (Dr. Jeffrey Wilusz, Faculty Mentor)

Melanie Schow
Vascular Patterns and Development in the Region of the Paraventricular Nucleus of the Hypothalamus (Dr. Stuart Tobet, Faculty Mentor)

Scott Vigil
Purification of Phenolic Glycolipid from Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Dr. Karen Dobos, Faculty Mentor)