2007 Awards

Presenting research at the 2007 Showcase

Presenting research during judging at the 2007 Showcase.

The premier event for undergraduate research and creativity at Colorado State, the CURC Showcase was held on Tuesday, April 17 at the Lory Student Center. Judged by CSU faculty and staff, the URPS required that students present a professional poster session on their project.

Students receiving honors were recognized at the Awards Ceremony on Wednesday April 18 in Chemistry room A103.

2007 CURC Showcase Winners

Highest Honors

Victoria Gardner
Designing for Profit: Handbag Design with Manufacturing and Sales In Mind. (Dr. Eulanda Sanders, Faculty Mentor)

John Prucha
Creation of pir+ Escherichia coli Strains with the Tn7 Vector pGRG36 (Dr. RoxAnn Karkhoff-Schweizer, Faculty Mentor)

Karen Colbert
Effect of Histone H3 E73D Mutation on in vitro Chromatin Silencing (Dr. Karolin Luger, Faculty Mentor)

Ihly Rachelle
Conformational Dynamics of DNA Hairpins using Fluorescence Fluctuation Spectroscopy (Dr. Van Orden, Faculty Mentor)

Conn Ashley
Investigation of Coiled-Coils as Fusion Protein Mimics (Dr. Kennan, Faculty Mentor)

Ashley Margaret Fenn
To Eat or Not To Eat: Food Intake Regulation in Hibernators (Dr. Gregory Florant, Faculty Mentor)

Jyoti Jennewein
Contribution of Visuomotor Correction to Force Fluctuations for the First Dorsal Interosseus Muscle in Elderly Adults (Dr. Brian Tracy, Faculty Mentor)

High Honors

Emily Chaskey
Evaluation of Phosphinothricin as a Non-Antibiotic Selectable Marker in Yersinia pestis A1122 (Dr. RoxAnn Karkhoff-Schweizer, Faculty Mentor)

Saeger Jessica
Interaction of a negatively charged molecular probe with a positively and negatively charged reverse micellar interface (Dr. Crans, Faculty Mentor)

Adam Zandman-Zeman
The antibody response of individuals with and without Buruli Ulcer disease to Mycobacterium ulcerans (Dr. Karen Dobos-Elder, Faculty Mentor)

Merideth Early
The Role of PECAM on T Lymphocyte Trafficking (Dr. Alan Schenkel, Faculty Mentor)

Rebekah Thrasher
Drawings from the Golden Age Transformed (Dr. Eulanda Sanders, Faculty Mentor)

Kyle Grode
WASP-regulated Actin Dynamics in Retrovirus Assembly and Budding (Dr. Chaoping Chen, Faculty Mentor)

Jocelyn Riehl
Cloning and sequencing of Troponin I isoforms in the lobster, Homarus americanus (Dr. Donald Mykles, Faculty Mentor)

Jennifer Jocarole Cappa
Phylogeny of the Celastreae (Celastraceae) inferred from chloroplast and nuclear genes (Dr. Mark Simmons, Faculty Mentor)

Kelly Sullivan
Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor gamma (PPAR gamma) prevents NF-kB-dependent expression of iNOS in activated astrocytes (Dr. Ronald Tjalkens, Faculty Mentor)

Honors by College

Applied Human Sciences

Carrie Cantwell
Adobe Designed Portfolio (Dr. Eulanda Sanders, Faculty Mentor)

Annie Rose Flanigan
Learning, Critiquing and Enhancing Knitting Skills (Dr. Eulanda Sanders, Faculty Mentor)

Camber Lauren Lubarski
the best bust dress (Dr. Eulanda Sanders, Faculty Mentor)


Lamborn Nathan
Interaction of [CoII(dipic)2] and [CoIII(dipic)2] in Reverse Micelle (Dr. Crans, Faculty Mentor)

Liberal Arts

Diel Nicholas
Identifying, Analyzing and Categorizing Traffic Anomalies in a Large Commercial Internet Provider (Dr. Papadopoulos, Faculty Mentor)

Angely Andrew J.
The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the South African Economy (Dr. Jianakoplos, Faculty Mentor)

Natural Resources

Caroline Hummer
Public opinion regarding interactions with and resulting management actions dealing with a variety of species (Dr. Jerry Vaske, Faculty Mentor)

Natural Sciences

DiBenedetto Steven
V-Trust: An Implementation of Trust (Dr. Ray, Faculty Mentor)

Audrey McDonald
Role of nitric oxide signaling in the crustacean molting gland of the European green crab (Dr. Donald Mykles, Faculty Mentor)

Catellier Erin
High Band Pass Filters of Face Images and their Effect on the N170 Event Related Potential (Dr. Troup, Faculty Mentor)

Bratman Jeshua
Use A Computer With Your Mind Alone: A Real-Time Brain-Computer Interface System (Dr. Anderson, Faculty Mentor)

Mallory Van Winkle
Varied Transcription Rates of Non-canonical TATA elements (Dr. Laurie Stargell, Faculty Mentor)

Lillian Welch
Stylar HT-Proteins and Their Role in Reproductive Barriers of Solanum Species (Dr. Patricia Bedinger, Faculty Mentor)

Sarah Russell
A Study of Diet Composition of Macroinvertebrates in the Presence of the Diatom Didymosphenia geminata (Dr. Will Clements, Faculty Mentor)

Danielle Cogswell
Structural and Serological Characterization of a Cell Wall Lipopeptide of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (Dr. Julia Inamine, Faculty Mentor)

Julia Figueroa
Obtaining Genetic Data From Activated Coyote Lure Operative Devices (Dr. Bruce Kimball, Faculty Mentor)

anthony Bacon
Distributional Characterization of Kidney-type Glutaminase in Rattus (Dr. norm curthoys, Faculty Mentor)

Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Robert Sons
Biochemical Analysis of Flavivirus NS5 Methyltransferase GTP Binding (Dr. Brian Geiss, Faculty Mentor)

Kristen Pauken
Effects of the sand fly Lutzomia longipalpos salivary component maxadilan on murine-derived dendritic cell phenotype and function. (Dr. Richard Titus, Faculty Mentor)

Adam Beal
Characterizing the interaction between the CUG-BP RNA-binding protein and the PARN deadenylase. (Dr. Carol Wilusz, Faculty Mentor)

Petra Gest
Methods for Age-Grading Individual Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes in the Field (Dr. Erica Suchman, Faculty Mentor)

Cori Probasco
Characterization of the orf a6 Transcript in Walleye Dermal Sarcoma Virus (Dr. Sandra Quackenbush, Faculty Mentor)

Emilie Loomis
Genetic control of fetal ovarian development. (Dr. Jerry Bouma, Faculty Mentor)