2017 Research Awards | College Honors

College of Agricultural Sciences

Zach Czarnecki

Title: Practical, User Friendly, and Cost Efficient Soil Moisture Sensors for the Modern Lab
Advisor(s): Meagan Schipanski & Jay Ham

College of Business

Yingchao Geng

Title: A Comparative Analysis of American and Chinese Technology Companies Trading on NASDAQ: A Case of Microsoft and Baidu

College of Engineering

Trevor Ross

Title: Genetic modification of the model organism Thermococcus kodakarensis has shown to increase hydrogen production for use as an alternative fuel source
Advisor(s): Thomas J. Santangelo & Brett Burkhart

College of Health and Human Sciences

Kimberly Bartlett

Title: Hospitality and Office Design

Morgan Dwyer

Title: A Preliminary Analysis of Preschool Aged Children's Regulation, Emotion Understanding, and Mindfulness

Moriah Hanson

Title: Influence of Liposomal Vitamin C Ingestion on Heart Rate Variability Response to A High-Calorie Meal

College of Liberal Arts

Taylor Ellis

Title: Increasing Pro-Social Behaviors of At-Risk Youth through Mentoring

Di Ma

Title: How much Does Three-Point Shooting Contribute to a NBA player's salary

Rachel Bockrath

Title: Maternal Vitamin D Deficiency and Deciduous Dental Enamel Hypoplasia: Exploring a Potential Relationship

College of Natural Sciences

Gabriel Cardiff

Title: Investigating the interactions between the anti tuberculosis agent, isoniazid, and reverse micelles using 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy
Advisor(s): Benjamin J. Peters & Debbie C. Crans

Lena Cuevas

Title: Sla1AAA Mutant in the Endocytic Pathway

Julia Trowbridge

Title: Understanding how the dipole dilution in hybrid perovskites affects photovoltaic performance
Advisor(s): Eve Mozur & James Neilson

Sarah Coleman

Title: Patterns of evidence-use in scientific writing assignments by incoming college freshmen athletes.
Advisor(s): Meena Balgopal & Albert Bimper

Blake Edwards

Title: Tuberculosis Lesion Image Recognition and Analysis with Machine Learning
Advisor(s): Anne Lenaerts & Asa Ben-Hur

Josie Hendrix

Title: Investigation of helicase enzymes in Zika virus using computational methods: the importance of the ATP hydrolysis cycle and translocation process
Advisor(s): Martin McCullagh & Russell Davidson

Cassidy Koolmees

Title: Music and Test Anxiety: An Analysis of Performance and Time Interval Effects
Advisor(s): Benjamin Clegg & Nathan Herdener

Yao Shi

Title: The Study of People's preferred News Sources for Equine Disease Information
Advisor(s): Zheyuan(Zeke) Wang & Philip Turk

College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Regina Argo

Title: Validation of CRISPR-Cas9 knockout of cellular factors important in prion susceptibility
Advisor(s): Julie Moreno & Glenn Telling

Noah Barkley

Title: Development of Metal Ion Release by Photo-induced Decarboxylation Cages to Study Fast-time Scale Metal Chelation by Amyloids in a Single Solution

Joseph Gallegos

Title: Ultrasensitive Detection of Prion Disease Using 7-5 ELISA-PMCA
Advisor(s): Bian Jifeng & Julie Moreno

Tori Weingarten

Title: Sex Differences in the Immunoregulation of the Gut
Advisor(s): Luke Schwerdtfeger & Stuart Tobet

Alexander Boyarko

Title: Impact of chorionic somatomammotropin deficiency on placental nutrient transporters

Jessica Gaevert

Title: Comparing the Immunogenicity of Native and Recombinant Protein X* of Mycobacterium tuberculosis using an Enzyme Linked Immunosorbant Assay

Luis Gomez

Title:Comparing Neurological Measures in Multilingual and Monolingual Individuals during a Picture Naming Task
Advisor(s): Bill Gavin & Patti Davis

Ariel Timkovich

Title: Knockout or antagonism of toll-like receptor 4 ameliorates the progression of joint deterioration in a rodent model of injury-induced osteoarthritis

Warner College of Natural Resources

Leanne Makens

Title: The Impacts of Polyculture vs. Monoculture on Soil Aggregation and Soil Organic Carbon

Avery Baker

Title: The Effects of Biochar on Soil Moisture
Advisor(s): Erika Foster & Jay Ham

Abigail Crowder

Title: Discovering patterns of biological and anthropogenic activity at National Park of American Samoa using underwater acoustic monitoring
Advisor(s): Jacob Job & Megan Mckenna

Hannah Dresang

Title: Social-Ecological Dynamics of Pollinators and Pastoralists in Simanjiro, Tanzania

Alexandra Stoneburner

Title: Sage Grouse as an Indicator Species of Range Health at Dinosaur National Monument