CURC Awards

Awards for Top Honors

This year the Office of the Vice-President for Research is sponsoring the following awards:

For Research:
Six $250 CSU Ram Cash Card

For Service-Learning:
One $250 Ram Cash Card

For Oral Presentations:
One $250 Ram Cash Card

For Art:
One $250 Ram Cash Card

For Writing:
One $250 Ram Cash Card

The Graduate School has a longstanding commitment to diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice, with ongoing dedication to the inclusion and affirmation of all individuals and those reflective of individual differences.

The Graduate School is pleased to be able to offer the Diversity and Social Justice Award for CURC 2017 to students whose scholarship in this area helps to advance the Graduate School's values of diversity and social justice.

For top scholarship in the area of diversity and social justice:
Two $250 CSU Ram Cash Cards

New This Year:
For excellence in the field of sustainable energy and environmental stewardship:

The CSU Energy Institute ( is launching two important initiatives during the Fall 2017 semester aimed at further establishing CSU as a leader in translating science and creativity into global energy and societal impact. First, CSU will offer a campus-wide interdisciplinary minor in sustainable energy administered through the School of Global Environmental Sustainability. This minor is different than most at CSU because it is designed to accommodate students from any major. Second, we will be launching an Energy Club aimed at promoting and advancing student participation in energy-related research, writing, and artistic endeavors as well as energy conservation initiatives.

The CSU Energy Institute will award up to four undergraduate student researchers, writers, and/or artists whose work exemplify and promote excellence in the field of sustainable energy and environmental stewardship. Winners will be featured at the CSU Energy Institute's Faculty and Student Forum on April 26, 2017 at the Lory Student Center.

Up to four $250 CSU Ram Cash Cards

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